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Coyle House System

Coyle House System 


The purpose of the Coyle Elementary House System is to promote a positive and welcoming environment in which students, staff and community members feel a strong sense of belonging. This supports the Coyle mission of meeting diverse needs of all students by creating a true community in which all students and staff  belong. 

House System Benefits

  • Being a part of a smaller community helps students acclimate quickly to their school environment and experience an immediate sense of belonging.

  • Students have a set of staff mentors they can go to.

  • Students have an opportunity to interact with students from all grades.

  • Increases opportunities for student leadership.

  • Reinforces our campus essentials and behavior expectations.

  • A source of positive peer-pressure and motivation that can have a positive effect in the classroom and at school.

  • At weekly meetings or rallies, students will have opportunities to enjoy creative expression, physical activity, and social engagement.